Our products are made from durable recycled truck tarps, so, like Keith Richards, they can take just about anything. Yet nothing is entirely safe from the signs of wear and tear. Just like the unsinkable Titanic, your sturdy F-product may too encounter an iceberg one day.

Luckily we have various customized emergency procedures to help your injured and/or geriatric FREITAG friend.

Find out about the various problems we can treat, how long it will take and what it will cost below. (If your F-ABRIC product needs rescuing, please contact the offline seller directly or our customer service team).


This service is designed for all functional bag problems that are not truck tarp-related. To receive treatment, your trusty yet ailing companion will have to visit us at our F-actorý. We can carry out the following repairs:

  • Replacement of sewn-on buckles and buttons
  • Attachment of new straps
  • Replacement of Velcro fasteners and zips
  • Replacement of bicycle inner tubes and labels
  • Repair of burst seams
  • Stitching of worn out corners on bags with no inner lining


We believe that our products should outlive The Rolling Stones, so we repair the effects of normal wear and tear free of charge for three years after the purchase. If your product is less than three years old, then dig out your receipt and click here:

Repair under warranty (with receipt for products less than three years old)

If your F-product already has more than three years under its belt, or you simply don’t have the receipt anymore, then click here for a repair that will be subject to charge:

Repair without warranty (products older than three years or without receipt)


If your one-off product is suffering from a torn or perforated tarp, we’ll have to get our tarp surgeons involved. This extensive operation can cost a pretty penny, but includes a whole host of other measures that will prolong the life of your product, such as:

  • Comprehensive reconstruction of rips, worn out areas and holes in the truck tarp with exact color matches
  • Any necessary sewing as well as the replacement of buckles, buttons, straps, Velcro fasteners, zips, bicycle inner tubes and labels

All-inclusive service


Here you can find various spare parts from buckles to buttons to easily replace all by yourself or together with the shoemaker of your confidence. The quickest way to get your replacement part is to simply pick it up at a verified Care Point. Or have it sent free of charge from our spare parts online store. 

Find a Care Point

This way to the spare-parts onlinestore


If that’s all a bit complicated and you’d prefer to get some professional advice, you can always visit one of our Care Points and have your bag assessed in person. Or you can contact our customer service team – they’re known for finding the right solution for everything and everyone.

Find a Care Point and get help offline

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