The ZIPPELIN is the first totally unique inflatable travel bag that won’t get in your way once you’re back home. Tickets for the eco-friendly airship are available until October 12 on


First, register and add your credit card on and return to the ZIPPELIN project page

Then select one of the rewards. These are various ZIPPELIN offers, the price of which depends on when you make the leap and back the project, and how long you can bear to wait for your ZIPPELIN.

If we reach the EUR 100,000 funding goal, your contribution will be charged to your credit card at the end of the campaign (October 12, 2017), and we’ll then get started on producing the big travel bags.

In May 2018 at the earliest and August 2018 at the latest, you’ll be able to choose your ZIPPELIN on Then you can sit back, relax, and wait for this traveler to make its way around the world to you.


We’ve been developing and producing unique, robust, multifunctional bags from recycled truck tarps for more than 20 years. And for almost as long, we’ve wanted a big, sturdy FREITAG travel bag that you’ll recognize anywhere and at any distance, and never mix up with others on the airport conveyor belt, even without a label.

Now we’ve finally succeeded in making a saggy truck tarp into a large, stable piece of luggage that won’t overshoot the airline weight limit when it’s only half full. 


The solution is nothing to do with bulky rods or suitcase shells – in fact, it was inspired by our favorite method of transport. Inside the ZIPPELIN is a standard bike tube, which can be pumped up with your usual bike pump and changed quickly and easily via the zipped compartment.

«Inside the ZIPPELIN is a standard bicycle tube.»

Once you're safely back home and have let all the air out, the 85-liter bag shows its true strength: when it’s rolled up, the ZIPPELIN will take up the same amount of space in your cupboard as that two-liter bottle of whiskey from duty free.

You can find further information and details about the ZIPPELIN on

Why Kickstarter?

Despite our experience in inner- and inter-city bag retail, we’re still novices when it comes to doing business internationally, and ZIPPELIN requires five times as much truck tarp as a little messenger bag.

Launching our new air-cum-flagship exclusively through the crowdfunding platform means that our production crew will know the volume of orders for this voluminous bag even before the final truck is slaughtered and the final bag cut by hand from the rare raw material.

So, do you want a ZIPPELIN?

Wait a second, what exactly is Kickstarter? is a US-based global crowdfunding platform, and this is how it works: people help to finance projects.

The goal is to raise the amount of money required to realize a project in advance through the power of the crowd. Rather than contributing the entire sum, each member of this crowd pledges just a small amount of money.

Each project runs for a set period of time (usually 30 days). If the goal (for example, EUR 100,000) is reached within these 30 days, the project is realized with the help of the funds. If the goal is not reached, the crowdfunders’ credit cards are not charged. The money collected is ring-fenced and may only be used to realize the proposed project.


The very first ZIPPELIN samples are ready to be taken for a test drive in the following Stores: